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Belly Up for Adoptions our own Canine Rescue.

Yes, the Bellyrub Klub now houses a variety of canines, on site, looking for their forever home. While they stay with us, we provide lots of training, exercise and TLC. Each dog spends time playing, learning and preparing to be the best they can be. We are always looking for volunteers to help out. See our website for more information and to meet the canines we are caring for.


Monday - Friday

6:30am - 6:30pm


7am - 7pm - by appointment


Bellyrub Tub - Calling all Dirty Dogs

Either "WE" Wash 'em or "YOU" Wash 'em, you decide! Wash your dog after a day of Daycare, an Overnight Care stay or just because they need a bath.

If you'd prefer, you can rent the Bellyrub Tub yourself and wash your own dogs!! You just bring a dirty dog(s), we handle the rest and all the clean up afterwards!! How can you go wrong with that? Open Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm - 6pm. Call to make a reservation. We are also very flexible on all other days and times so if you need to bath your dog, just call 630-542-3559 and we will accommodate your request.

Stop by the shop for details or call 630-542-3559. The Bellyrub Tub is open for your convenience so just call to schedule a bath!!

We have BRK Gift Cards!!

The BRK now has Gift Cards available that can be purchased for any amount! Buy $50 worth of Gift Cards and get a $10 Gift Card for yourself to use or to give to a friend!! Purchase them for use towards Training Classes, Retail Items, Daycare, or Boarding. So many great reason to purchase Gift Cards... any reason is a good reason, the dogs are worth it!

They are available at the front counter so just ask!!

A Good Dog is a Tired Dog

Did you know that there are real, physical, & psychological benefits to "play" for dogs? More...


Welcome to a very special place. At the Bellyrub Klub we are committed to the socialization, enrichment, training and overall well being of your dog. The BRK is an interactive doggy day care center in Lombard. It is a clean and safe, social-centered indoor/outdoor play environment for your dog. Your 4 legged friends can enjoy 9000+ sq. ft. of indoor space and a 3000 sq. ft. of outdoor play area.

Our trained staff of dog-lovers provide a variety of services so that your favorite furry family member, is happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. If you have any questions, concerns or special needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. It is my mission to help dog owners find the assistance and information they need to enhance their relationship with their pet. Give your dog a Bellyrub Day! They will thank you!

smiling dog

Overnight Care!!

Overnight Care is available to the canines that attend the BRK Daycare as well. If you do not currently frequent the Bellyrub Klub for Daycare, please contact us to set up a time to meet each other. Familiarizing yourself with our Staff, facility, routines and other dogs will help make your furry family member's stay much more pleasant and far less stressful!

Staying with us Overnight means that your dog will play in the Daycare during the day and rest comfortably in their own Klub House at night (no cages) The Klub Houses can accommodate any size dog(s), dog beds, blankets and toys. If you have a family of dogs, we have a Klub House large enough that your crew can all sleep big slumber party!

You can bring their bedding, chew toys, favorite stuffed animals, etc. to sleep with. We want them to be snuggled in with their favorite smells and possessions so they sleep well and are rested for their next big day of play!

Daycare, petting, tuck in time, cuddle time, feeding, medication, maid service, relaxing music to chill by, and of course, Love, are all included.

NEWat the Klub..... Play & Learn

We are offering extra special, one on one attention, for any dog that is staying Overnight with us. We will schedule walks, runs, bike rides (weather permitting), obedience training, "play ball" time, Rally, Agility, or just plain old Cuddle time with your dog to make any dog's stay with us even more like being home with you. What is your dog's favorite thing to do? Schedule these sessions at drop off and let us help your dog's stay with us be even better

This special place has been blessed by Fr. Peter of Christ the King in Lombard!! Yes, St. Francis is watching over every last one of the canines that stay with us.

Call and make your reservations! 630-54-BELLY or e-mail us at Bellyrub Klub

Since all the furry friends that join us for Overnight Care will play with others in the Daycare during their stay, they must be social and comfortable in a group environment away from their Pet Parents. We ask that each dog spend 2-3 days at the Bellyrub Klub playing in the Daycare prior to their first over night stay with us and at least once or twice shortly before any additional stay with us.

This will help them adjust to being with us, get to know their caretakers, our routines, etc., and, REALLY help them to be more comfortable during their stay, I promise!! It really does make the difference between tolerating being away from the family and actually enjoying their time with their BFFs and the Bellyrub Klub .

News and Events

Join us for...

Spring 2014 Class Schedule

See the entire class schedule (days and times) listed under the "Calendar" tab.

  • Open Enrollment for Fido Foundations and Canine Connections is on Wed. night, Thurs. night, and Sat. and Sun. mornings
  • Our popular Sniff It Out is back again. It's a great class for all dogs to engage their brains and natural inclination to Sniff Out everything! Using the canine's nose is the best way to wear them out mentally and have fun. Meeting on Sundays at 9:30am starting 5/4/14
  • Agility for Fun is back on Saturdays starting May 3rd from 12:15pm -1:15pm
  • A new session for the Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Registration is back. We begin on Sunday May 4th meeting from 11am - 12pm.

Klub Memberships

Become a Bellyrub Klub Member and receive many Member Benefits such as your own Bellyrub Klub Member Klub Card that earns you cash...

  • Every time you buy a Daycare Package or book 5 or more consecutive nights of Overnight Care, you can earn cash to use for Retail purchases and Training Classes!!
  • Receive a BRK T-shirt for yourself, or a BRK Tote bag, a birthday cake for your canine's birthday, the exclusive Member Newsletter and more!!
  • Visit the BRK Business Partners and get all kinds of discounts on: Dining out, Pet Photos, Pet Physical Therapy, Swimming with your Dog, check it out!!
  • Clean up your Canine in the Bellyrub Tub and your Tub Card...if you are a Klub Member - buy 5 get the 6th Bare Belly Bath free. If you are not yet a Klub Member - buy 10 baths get the 11th free. Either way you save $20-$35!!

Pet Partners (Delta Society Therapy Dog) testing is held at the Bellyrub Klub. Call 630-542-3559 or e-mail Bellyrub Klub if you and your dog are ready to be tested. Fee for testing is $25 Next test date will be Feb/Mar. 2014

Treats, Toys and Accessories for your dog!

We now carry Rescue Remedy!! This product is widely used to help calm your dog. It's a safe, effective way to promote calmness in pets without the use of drugs. Rescue Remedy is made from various flower essences and is proven safe and effective. Buy some next time you stop in.

We carry a variety of collars and leashes and now carry RUBITS tag holders. Now you can easily change your dog's collar as often as you want to. Remove the hassle of moving the tags; just unclip and re- clip the RUBITS and off you go.....

  • RC Pet Products
  • Yellow Dog Designs
  • Up Country, Cycle Dog
  • Leather Brothers

We also carry a variety of healthy treats, dog chews, and toys:

  • Antlers
  • Bully Sticks (all shapes and sizes) a huge favorite for all dogs.
  • Organic, Wheat free, Corn free and Grain free products: Buddy Biscuits, Zukes, Pure Bites, Free Range, Snack 21, etc.

Poop Pick up Bags and Bag holders: it's easy to clean up after your dog on walks

Thundershirts!! They are great for the dogs that are anxious, nervous, hate storms, fire works, loud noises, etc. Check out the Thundershirts website for more information

BRK Retail Specials...June 2013

  • week ending
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  • week ending
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