Work Shops!

NEW Bellyrub Klub Workshops – February 2022

Join us!!!

Off Leash Training/Communication

How would you like to learn to work with your dog Off Leash safely and effectively?
When:     Sunday 2/20/22   $40/person
2pm – 3pm (pls leave your dog at home)


Trailing for Dogs

Do you have a dog that loves to use their nose? Do they enjoy following scents in the air?  On the ground? Like a hound? Learn what Trailing is all about!!
When:  Sunday 2/27/22   $50/person
2pm – 4pm (pls leave your dog at home)

(Both workshops include a presentation and demonstration)

These workshops are for Pet Parents so pls leave your canines at home!

Call 630-54-BELLY or email to sign up!!