Our training philosophy

We want to provide you and your canine partner a great opportunity to learn together. Therefore, our focus is on both the human and canine learning process. We want you to walk away with the knowledge and information you expected to gain.

To accomplish this, class sizes are kept to a manageable size which allows plenty of time for demonstration, practice and discussion. Our focus is to teach humans and their canine family members how to effectively communicate with one another. This makes for a happy human and a happy dog, both of whom leave class with new training skills.

Our Trainers understand that dogs have different drives and varied motivations. We know that some participants are new to the fun of learning with their dogs and, others are seasoned dog owners who are looking to ad to their knowledge base. Tell us what you want to get out of the class and we will work with you and your dog to make it happen. Your dog will love the Bellyrub Klub’s positive approach to training and will be more than pleased with the relationship you will develop with your dog.

The Bellyrub Klub hires Certified Trainers only to be Instructors. Many of our Trainers complete a program that includes on-line studying, many weeks of volunteer work and an intensive hands-on program before they are able to call themselves Certified. In addition, the Bellyrub Klub serves as a Mentor Trainer location for Animal Behavior College

This program involves Mentoring students in the Observations, Aptitude and Participation portions of Dog Training. Upon completion of this program and the approval of ABC College, will these student qualify as Certified Trainers. We are excited to help keep the bar high for all Dog Trainers and welcome anyone interested in learning positive dog training techniques to pursue their dreams.