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Mini Classes are offered throughout the year,  See the Training Classes tab for dates and times as well

Are there certain skills you want to work on with your dog but really don’t need or want a full 6 week class? We offer Mini – Focused classes throughout the year. You can sign up for one class or all of the ones offered for a discount. We work on Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Greetings, Confidence Building, Basic Obedience, Manners, Introduction to Agility for Fun, etc. Pick what you want to work on with your dog, and sign up to solidify those skills in one focused class.

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Loose Leash Walking

Always something every dog can improve on. What a challenge! You will learn the skills necessary to enjoy walking your canine. There are many options available to help this be a pleasant experience, regardless of the environment.

1 hr.- 1.5 hrs / $40 per dog/handler team

Recall… you talking to me?!

Teaching positive associations to Recall, how to make it fun, exciting and easy to do.

1 hr.- 1.5 hrs / $40 per dog/handler team

Confidence Building

Your dog should un-phased by life in general so we will work on desensitizing him/her to the things that cause the most re-activity: other people, dogs, bikes, etc.

1 hr. – 1.5 hrs./ $40 per dog/handler team

Agility for Fun

Develop a stronger relationship with your dog, expose them to new things, “play” together and just have fun doing new things. Experience the tunnel, jumps a-frame, dog walk, ladder, among other pieces of equipment

1 hr. – 1.5 hrs./ $40 per dog/handler team

… and more!

Outdoor Adventures, Confidence Building, Reactive Dog, Life Skills, Rally, Pet Partners for Parents, Human End of the Leash, and more!

Please note that the mini classes have limited space, so contact the Klub to reserve your spot. Call us at 1 (630) 542 3559 (630 54-BELLY)


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