Pet Partner/ CGC Training

Pet Partner Team!!

About the Classes

We add a variety of classes through out the year so check in often.  We offer Canine Good Citizen/Pet Partner Therapy Dog classes. Taught by Qualified Instructors.  The next CGC/Therapy Dog class will be posted soon!!  Check back soon and look for our Newsletter!!  


If you have any questions,call us at 630-54-BELLY or contact 

Class Requirements

  • Your dog should have a flat collar or a training/martingale collar with appropriate tags
  • Use a 4 or 6-foot leash – no retractable leashes
  • NO Choke collars or pinch collars
  • we really like EZ walk Harnesses and would be happy to fit your dog with one before class.  You’ll find training treats, enrichment toys, safe chew toys, leashes, collars, head halters and EZ Walkers in our retail area for your convenience.
  • Bring plenty of your dog’s favorite, high value treats! The best treats are moist with a strong scent and come in small pieces, or can be broken or torn into small pieces, peas size is best.
  • We may start with using treats but both these Evaluations require that the canines pass without out the use of ANY treats.  Just lots of praise, excitement and love from you.  Its a TEAM effort!!!