K9 Fit Club

The Bellyrub Klub and K9 Fit Club

 We will keep you posted as to when we will be able to begin the class again.  Sorry for the inconvenience!!

The Bellyrub Klub is a Licensee of K9 Fit Club and is proud to offer a new way to develop a great relationship with your canine while you bond with them and get in a great work our for both of you!!

K9 Fit Club is a company dedicated to creating good health, fitness & wellness for both people and their canines.  These programs combine the time-saving benefits of working out with your pup while offering a fun, safe and controlled environment.

The programs were built to be achievable by people of all ages and ability levels.  People and their canines face similar health challenges: weight management, stress, lack of energy and medical conditions such as arthritis and heart disease.  K9 Fit Club was created to help them both live a longer, healthier and happier life together.

The Bellyrub Klub has it’s own Master Instructor who will help guide, encourage and support you, and your canine, through each class.  The Instructor will do an assessment with each dog/handler team before class begins so they will know what, if any, limitations you, or your canine may have, and tailor the work out to accommodate you!!

Contact sue@bellyrubklub.com or  staff@bellyrubklub.com with any questions about this program