Phone and New Location Update

As most of you know,, we have been having phone problems at the current BRK location. At&T has been out and was to have fixed the problem. Apparently they did not so we were back to square one this AM. I have had the problem fixed again today and I hope it sticks regardless of if you call call 630-54-BELLY or our assigned AT&T number.

I apologize for the inconvenience, especially with the move going on and all the uncertainties about the actual move in date.

Please find Ashley or myself via email if you have any further phone problems or questions. They should be fixed as of now sue@bellyrubklub or ashley@bellyrubklub

When we move we will have a new assigned AT&T number but will always have the 54-BELLY number so please try that first.

An update with regard to a move date and construction will be sent out to you tomorrow AM. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

**All Overnight Care dogs will be staying at the Western Ave location in Lombard for the holiday weekend. (Drop off and pick up through Tues.) Our FINAL Pack Walk will be Tues night in Naperville, followed by DC in Lombard and a move in date of Thursday Sept 4th (if all goes as planned)

**I will keep you posted.

Heading to the Village tomorrow to wrap up the permits for occupancy! Again sorry for the frustration regarding contacting us by phone. Email is a fine alternative but phone should also be fine now! Thanks for your patience and understanding! Look for the Moving Update Newsletter tomorrow AM!!