Kindergarten Klub for Puppies!

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Klub Kindergarten

Welcome to our  Day Training Academy:  designed just for PUPPIES!!

Puppyhood is the most amazing part of our new family member’s life!!  Puppies are like sponges:  they watch everything, have an insatiable appetite for learning, playing, having fun and experiencing all that life has to offer!!

What they learn as puppies will impact the rest of their lives!!   Mental and physical activity is so important in a dog’s life!  For all puppies, its a MUST!!  They’ll learn a lot, have fun and come home happy and balanced!!

Let’s set up up for SUCCESS in all they do.

The Bellyrub Klub’s  Kindergarten Klub  is an alternative to or, in addition to all day Off Leash Play. This program is structured just like School and will take place while you are at work!!!

Between morning drop off and evening pick up, each canine participant will work through Grades K – 4. 

Your Canine’s will be learning basic obedience, impulse control, crate training, door manners, recall, focus with distractions, social skills, presence control, tricks, agility,  all kinds of fun things and more!

If you’d like to hear more about the Kindergarten Klub for the young canines,  please contact us at 630-542-3359 or email