Why Off Leash Play Groups?

There are huge benefits for your canine’s to play off leash with other dogs at the Bellyrub Klub!!

  • have constant supervision by qualified/trained Play Group Attendants
  • they are physically safe and cared for by our Bellyrubbers
  • meet and play with all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs
  • experience social interactions with humans and dogs to build confidence
  • participate in structured social playtime and enrichment including mentally stimulating games, activities, and rest periods
  • play outdoors on those gorgeous days (they even play in the snow!!!)
  • learn to read other dog’s body language and, Dog to Dog communication
  • learn Dog to Human communication
  • learn to use Appropriate Greetings when meeting other dogs
  • learn how to Play appropriately with ANY dog
  • learn Impulse control
  • develop/use Manners in their play groups and with staff (at home too!)
  • get plenty of physical AND mental exercise
  • gain Confidence in themselves
  • develop Social and Life skills
  • the best thing you can do for your canine’s development is to let them be dogs while learning to fit into our world
  • a lot of Mental stimulation and Challenges
  • develop Motor skills
  • learn Basic obedience skills
  • learn to defer to the Human Leader in the Play Group
  • play AND learn throughout the day
  • stay or get in in great physical condition
  • spend quality time with other canines and new people
  • go home tired and balanced (mentally AND physically)
  • have fun and get lots of Bellyrubs!!

We are all about your dog’s safety and well being while in our care.  We are privileged to be entrusted with this responsibility. Thank you!!