Daycare Offerings

We Offer Daily Rates and Packages

  • Half Day Daycare: up to 5 hrs. Discounted pre-paid packages are available.
  • Full Day Daycare: 5 hrs. – 9 hrs.  Discounted pre-paid packages are available

All Day Pricing:  There is an additional charge of $7 per hour/dog after 10 – 12 hrs. This is in addition to our daily rate or use of your daycare package

We know there are surprise long work days or situations that preclude you from picking up your canine.

  • After a 10 hr. stay at the Klub, there will be an additional $7/dog charge.
  • After an 11 hr. stay there will be an additional charge of $7/dog charge.

You will still be able use your pre paid package or pay a daily fee like you do now for your off leash play day.

The additional fee only applies for Daycare stays between 10 – 12 hrs.

Family/Senior Citizen rates

More than one dog in the family? We have daily deals for them, too! We also offer discounts for Senior Citizens (62+).


Pre-pay for half or full days for great discounts!

Using your package

  • Pre-paid full/half days can be used any time and do not expire. You do not have to be used on consecutive days or used a specific number of times a week.
  • Each package is available for use either as a full day or a half day only. They cannot be intermixed.
  • There are no refunds for unused pre-paid packages
  • Check, cash or credit cards are accepted