Daycare & Overnight Care

Your Klub

Our 16,000+ sq. ft. INDOOR, and 7500 sq. ft. OUTDOOR cage-free Exercise/Play areas offer a well-ventilated space with a ton of windows and overhead doors for the movement fresh air throughout the entire space. The Bellyrub Klub provides:

  • plenty of indoor and outdoor play space for dogs of all sizes and ages
  • play groups are available based on individual needs, personality, temperament, play styles, etc.
  • 7500 s.f. OUTDOOR play area with lots to climb on and interact with
  • A/C and Heated indoors
  • rest areas throughout
  • quiet spaces with fluffy beds and blankets so your dog can relax and recharge


To ensure a safe, healthy place for everyone – human and canine – each dog must complete a “Meet & Greet” before attending Daycare or Overnight Care at the Bellyrub Klub. This is a brief social visit, by appointment only, so we can observe your dog’s behaviors,show you around and discuss his/her needs. We have an open play environment, so all our furry friends must be able get along with each other and have fun.

If you’d like your canine fed while at the Klub, be sure to bring his/her food. Keeping their food brand and type consistent helps prevent a stomach upset or allergic reaction. No need to bring bowls

Your canine gets the best care!

When it comes to canine care at the BRK, our staff and Certified Trainers are always giving 100%. Sometimes, however, they go even above and beyond, and amazing things happen!

Mischa, a 4 year old German Shepherd, was enjoying a typical day at the Klub when staff noticed he began acting strangely. Our experienced staff knew something wasn’t right and decided to take him to the vet.  It turned out that Mischa was suffering from Bloat, a serious and potentially fatal condition that often goes undetected in canines! Mischa got the medical care he needed,and thanks to BRK’s staff, made a full recovery!

Mischa’s parents were very grateful for the staff’s quick thinking and we were grateful we could assist Mischa!! We know all our customers’ canines are their furry four legged family members and thank them for putting their trust in us to take care of them!   Mischa is now part of our Day Training Academy and doing awesome!!  We all love Mischa so we were elated when he returned!!

To learn more about Bloat in canines, read about this condition here: