Construction Update

Great News! The city inspection is this week. We will be able to start moving things in over the next week or two in preparation for the dog’s to starting hanging out at the completely new Bellyrub Klub!! 20,000 s.f worth!!

The floors are done, the whole place in painted, the the walls are up for the Overnight Care room, Daycare play area, and the BUFA foster dog room. The Bathing/Grooming space is almost ready and, the Training rooms just need the rubber flooring put down (which will begin this Friday)

The outdoor play area will be fenced in soon. They will be starting in the next week or so. We are going to have 6800 s.f. of outdoor play space! Its more than double what we have now!!

There will be a few inconveniences over the next two weeks while we move things over to the space in preparation for the dogs to be there permanently. In the meantime, the dogs will be cared for at the current location, just like always, by the same staff that you know. The canines will start coming to the new location as soon as its 100% ready for us to care for them as they should be cared for!


  • They moved the bathing tub and water heater today so they can get it all hooked up and ready to roll for inspection.
  • If you have a bath scheduled before pick up from an Overnight Care visit, we will get it done as promised!
  • We will wait to start bathing again for daycare dogs until we are in the new space. Sorry for the inconvenience!

We will be packing up the retail area , after a MOVING SALE for the retail in stock which we will announced by tomorrow, so we can move all the shelves, tables and get treats, leashes, collars, etc. to the new place

We will also be moving the computer, etc. as we get close to the end of the month, so the counter may disappear too…back to manual scheduling for a few days…..
Just so you all know, none of this will effect your canines’ current care in the play areas, inside or out. Nor will it affect their Overnight Care space or safety. It will just make the current location look like its in disarray, which it is, while we get things boxed up, moved out, and set up in the new space.

Please be patient with us as we make the transition. Its going to be hard to coordinate everything and the the dogs are our first priority!!!

If you have reservations for Overnight Care, we will take care of your dogs as planned at the current location until I give you an update with firm dates, etc.

If you are coming to daycare as you usually do, we will do the same!! No worries! The space will just look like we’re moving, which we are ūüôā

*When I work out the final details about moving any Overnight dogs into the new building, I will share it!! I will let you know when the canines will be moved and
where you will be picking them up/dropping them off when the dates are solid. I have to know we are ready to rock in the new space. I will keep you all posted!

The plan is to be up and running on Sept. 1st!! Lots has to happen between now and then, I know. I am coordinating the best I can with the staff, the contractors, the Village, etc. Things seem to be moving forward on all fronts so fingers crossed that it all falls into place as necessary.!

Feel free to check in at the new location and take a peek, you won’t recognize it! I barely did and man, is it HUGE!! Lots of fun stuff planned as we settle in.

Thanks for your patience, support and trust in all of us!! It’s VERY much appreciated and needed to get through this transition. But I promise, it will be worth it!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please find me at or Ashley at We will be happy to talk about the move, the plan to make it happen, etc. Just let us know!

Below is a run down for you about some of the great things about the new location:

  • Air conditioning (and obviously heat) throughout entire building!!
  • Designated space for rescued Belly Up for Adoptions canines with its own entrance/exit!! This will really help us to be able to focus on providing the necessary care, training and attention to our Rescues! It will also be much easier for Volunteers to stop in to work with the canines.
  • Permanently set up Agility Training Room to be used for group classes, private lessons, or for BUFA canines to just have some fun with the Volunteers or staff!!
  • Designated Training areas for classes with 10ft. or 12ft. ceilings, eliminating the echo and the difficulty hearing during class!! (I know this has been a problem, but no longer!!) We can hold group classes or privates lessons, day or night, without any interruption to the Play Groups, Overnight guests or Foster dogs!!
  • A Doggy Day School/Training Academy¬†is forth coming as an alternative to just offering Day Care!¬†Drop them off for school each day¬†OR to just play, OR, both!
  • Larger Overnight Care space – still filled with Klub Houses, fresh air and lots of space.
  • Private Suites for single or multi-dog families to reserve for Overnight stays, each with its own theme, lots of color, windows, decorated and very much like a home living room setting!!
  • More play space for all dogs to enjoy – small dogs, older dogs, puppies, teenagers, etc. will be able to spread out and enjoy more placed to romp and hang with their BFFs
  • Additional outdoor play areas – we have multiple areas now for outdoor play time! Lots of room for play equipment, pools, shaded areas, and fun in the sun (or snow!!) 6800 s.f.!!
  • Designated Meet & Greet space for families wanting to participate in Daycare/Overnight Care at the Klub or, meet BUFA dogs for adoption. It will be great to have the space to really get to know the dogs and families without disturbing the canines playing in their Play Groups, classes or anything else going on!
  • Office space for meetings, etc.
  • New & improved retail space
  • New sprinkler system throughout every inch of the building
  • Tons of windows, doors and fresh air throughout the building. The cross breezes are amazing!!
  • Break room & kitchen for staff members to use
  • Conference room for presentations/classes, and more!

We are doing a complete build out of the space so it will be brand spankin’ new!!

Our new home is due north of where we are currently located. We will be just north of North Ave., and definitely south of Fullerton, just a few blocks east of Grace. Its technically Addison but very close to the north end of Lombard.

We have 20K s.f. of space in our new building, as opposed to the 9500 s.f. we have now!! Lots a great ways to put our new digs to use for your canines so we can continue to care for them, teach them and, of course, rub lots of bellies!!