BRK Training Classes

BRK Classes are wrapping up for 2018.  The Holidays are here so….

the BRK will begin new classes in mid January 2019

Fido Foundations and Canine Connections will be offered among other 6 week classes, Mini classes, Puppy Socials, Puppy Classes, Pet Parent Educational Classes and some new classes being worked on now!
Classes will include:
Pet Partner Preparation, Agility for Fun, Sniff It Out, and specific classes like Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Sit/Down/Stay, Canine Body Language, Puppy Classes, Puppy Socials, Tricks, Sunday Fun Day! etc!!
This is the best time of year to work with your canines, its too cold to be outside and a great way to prepare for outdoor activities come Spring (assuming it ever warms up!!)
So…. come inside and spend time with your canines, keep their brains working and continue to develop that oh so important relationship!!  We’ll see you in January 2019!!!

Contact or call 630-542-3559 for more information or to sign up.

Class descriptions

Bow Wow Basics

This class is only 4 weeks long and will help dogs owners with puppies up to 5mos old, learn how their dogs think, how they are motivated, how to communicate with their canine, how they learn, the definition of positive reinforcement, luring, shaping, bribing, etc. All the things you need to know so you can begin to work effectively with your new family member. This class will prepare you for Fido Foundations class. You’ll also learn to ask your dog to sit, lay down, watch you, and begin to walk nicely on a leash.

Pre-requisite: puppies under 5 months Class size: 2 to 6 dogs

Fido Foundations (Beginner)

This class supports a strong foundation for a positive and rewarding relationship with your dog. Understand how dogs learn, how to read their body language, your role as the handler so you can communicate with them in a way they understand best, and motivate them to sit, stay, lie down, come, watch you, walk on a loose leash and more!
Prerequisite: at least 4 months old

Class size: 2 to 6 dogs. Basic training classes include a free treat pouch.

Beyond the Basics

Canine Good Citizen and Pet Partners Therapy Dog Preparation Classes

 Pet Partner and CGC classes will be offered in 2019.

We are able to help you develop predictable and reliable behavior, WITH OUT the use of treats! You can know you can take you dog anywhere and rely on them being on their best behavior. As a Therapy Dog, you are able to get involved in Long term Care facility visits, Hospital visits, Schools and Libraries a Reading Education Assistant Dog and much more! They are adding more programs all the time

K9 Fit Club

These classes will resume as soon as possible

Canine Connections (Advanced Beginner)

Proof skills, refine them, and reinforce them. Work on consistency, duration, and increased distractions – those crazy things in life that steal your dog’s attention. Teach your dog that YOU are the most important thing around.This is also an excellent preparatory class for having a Canine Good Citizen!
Prerequisite: Fido Foundations (or trainer’s recommendation) Class size: 2 to 6 dogs.

Rally Obedience

Rally is a sport in which you and your dog complete a course that has been designed by the Instructor. The two of you proceed at your own pace through a course of designated stations (10 – 20, depending on the level). Each of these stations has a sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed. Work as a team as you make your way through the course, performing different obedience skills at each station until you have finished them all. It is fun and challenging!! Another great opportunity to develop and strengthen your relationship with your dog while having fun and learning!!

Min/Max 2/6** Required: Canine Connections/Adv. Beginner

Fido’s Field Trips, offered Spring through Fall 2019

This class is full of outdoor excursions. We head to a different locations to experience various situations, build your confidence so you can take your dog anywhere and, help your dog learn how to handle a variety of distractions. All, while visiting different parts of the beautiful dog friendly suburbs! All dogs are welcome. Class size ….just show up at the designated location each week and let’s get to it!

Agility For Fun

Have fun learning the agility equipment, run courses, reinforce basic obedience like sit, stay, wait & recall. They won’t even know they are going it because they will be so excited to be having fun with you. There is no competition, just Agility For Fun Class .  Its a great way to further you relationship with your dog, bond and have fun.  This is a great class for new canine family members, especially those recently adopted

size 2-6 dogs

Sniff It Out

What do all dogs have and use without bring taught? Their noses!! All they have to do is find hidden treats while everyone celebrates with them when they do. They can’t get enough of it and YOU don’t have to do much at all. Just let them use their noses and reward their “finds” It’s so fun to watch their confidence sky rocket! Even take home some of the games and use them on cold, rainy days to use their brains to wear them out instead of weathering the rain, snow or cold!

Class size 2-6 dogs

Mini Classes offered year round

We offer focused classes on the specific needs your canine may have. In lieu of taking a 6 week class, just take a Mini Class focused on what you need…LLW, Greeting, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, recall, Greetings, etc.


The Bellyrub Klub has MAC’s Agility room, with rubber flooring, available for rent year round. You can play, use agility equipment, train or just throw a ball for 45 minutes.  Call to reserve a time to use this room.  Its great on rainy, cold, snowy or just plain old “yuk” kind of days.  630-542-3559  630-54-BELLY