Bellyrub Tub

Day at the Spa!!

We  provide in between baths, clean ups, skunk baths, fleas baths, sensitive skin baths, etc. with our  “WE” Wash ’em or “YOU” Wash ’em plans. You decide!

We can wash your dog after a day of Off Leash Play, an Overnight Care Stay or just because you want them clean and fluffy!!  You can request a bath at drop off or let us know in advance, either way, they will be beautiful and smell great!

If you’d prefer, you can rent the Bellyrub Tub yourself and wash your own dog(s)!! You just bring a dirty dog(s), we have all the things you need and handle the the hardest part…….The clean up afterwards!!    How can you go wrong with that?  If you need/want help with cutting your canines nails, we are happy to help.  (there is an additional $12 charge for us to them.)

We are very flexible on most days and times so if you need to bathe your dog, just talk with us and we will accommodate your request.  630-542-3559 or email

The Bellyrub Tub is open for your convenience so just contact us to schedule a bath!!