Day Training Academy

Just a quick look at the fun we had this Christmas during our December Holiday Wish List month!!  Each Pet Parent got to pick what they wanted their canine’s to do in school for 1, 2, or 3 weeks!!

We had a ton of fun just helping the parents focus on their priorities instead of our regular curriculum.  It was a great way to end the year in the Academy!!

All the Canines were send home with their Holiday present for Mom and Dad.  They painted them by them selves!! (well, the Instructors got painted a little but what fun we had!!)

We even did an Academy Holiday Walk through Lilacia Park.  What fun that was!!

January 2018 is here and it’s back to school for all!!  contact ACADEMY@BELLYRUBKLUB.COM to learn more and sign up for class!!!

Academy Holiday Walk

BRK Day Training Academy

The BRK Day Training Academy is starting up again for 2018!!!  For M/W students class begins 1/8/18 for T/TH students class begins 1/9/18

We are excited!!!  We have talked to, and listened to, the Academy Parents learning from them what more they want out of Academy for their canines and revised parts of the curriculum!  Its all good and even more fun.  We can’t wait to roll out the new Curriculum for January 2018!!!

The Bellyrub Klub’s  Day Training Academy, is an alternative to or, in addition to all day Off Leash Play.This program is structured just like School but will take place while you are at work!!!

Between morning drop off and evening pick up, each canine participant will work through Grade Levels 1-12, plus an Associate Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree and a NEW Masters Degree!!  

Your Canine’s will be learning basic obedience, impulse control, crate training, door manners, recall, focus with distractions, social skills, presence control, tricks, agility, all kinds of fun things and more!

The full list of what will be taught is taught by only Certified Instructors.

If you missed the Pet Parent Orientation, let us know and we can get the information to you asap.  We discussed the program in general, what you can expect from us, what your dog will learn as they move through each grade level and, we’ll answer all your questions. This is a great alternative, or addition to, Off Leash Play!!  It’s an awesome way to reinforce the behaviors we love all our dogs have so they are great family members!!

Each month, the Parents will receive an Academy report, with pictures!  to discuss what we worked on, their successes and areas we want them to keep working on because they are ” oh so close” to mastering them!! Many jump a few levels each month!  They are all so smart!

We currently have a waiting list so please call if you are interested.  We want to be sure your canine can get started asap.  The majority of the students renew every month.  Payment for the following month is due by the 21st of the previous month to hold your spot in the Academy.  Its a great program!  There are dogs that were not great candidates for Off Leash Play that now Play in Groups each week!   How cool is that?

Some are doing both the Academy and the Play Groups now!! 

Contact for more info or to get on the waiting list