About the Bellyrub Klub

Your Klub!!

For 17 years, we at the Bellyrub Klub are committed to your canine!   We help all canines build on their social skills, provide canine enrichment, confidence building, training and  are always mindful of their overall well being! We know it’s a privilege to care for your canines and treat them as our own!

The Bellyrub Klub offers Dog Training, interactive Dog Day Care, and Overnight Care, located in Addison. It is a clean and safe, social-centered indoor/outdoor play & learning environment for your dog. Your 4 legged friends can enjoy 16,000+ sq. ft. of indoor space and a 7500 sq. ft. of outdoor play area.

Our trained staff of dog-lovers ,and many are Certified Trainers,  provide a variety of services so that your favorite furry family member, is happy, healthy, and well balanced. We approach all the canine’s care by providing mental stimulations and physical exercise.  Both are needed for your canine to have the best day ever!!

If you have any questions, concerns or special needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is my mission to help dog owners find the assistance and information they need to enhance their relationship with their pet. Give your dog a Bellyrub Day! They will thank you!

Bellyrub Klub Mission Statement

Dog Daycare & Training Facility that is passionate about canines, focused on providing remarkable care for canines and mentoring their parents in a safe and trusted environment.

BRK Vision Statement

To be the preferred source of information for Pet Parents to learn about and support their canines through effective communication, building healthy relationships and forming strong Human/Animal bonds.

BRK Core Values & Beliefs

The Bellyrub Klub supports, educates and guides Pet Parents and their pets in developing “Life Skills”, Leadership Capabilities and Strengthening Relationships.  We lead by example, sharing experiences and offering help wherever it is needed