Monthly Archives: August 2014


Bellyrub Klub is now hiring!

Do you want a career in the world of dogs? We have our new space that is almost ready for occupancy! We are in need of full and part time Bellyrubbers!

Who do you know, or is it yourself, that has always said…

“I’d love to have a career with dogs!”
“I’d really like to become a trainer some day!”
“Someday, I’ll make a living taking care of dogs!”

Now is the time to make that decision/career change. We have our own home now, lots of new and exciting roles to fill, with some I’m not even aware of yet!

We have a ton of new space and are in need of people who want to work with dogs and be a part of this exciting new chapter at the BRK, participating in a growing industry! Some of the skills needed are:

  • Physically capable of being on your feet all day
  • Be able to lift, bend, and handle all sizes of canines

Flexibility regarding responsibilities/roles within the Klub
Flexible hours: we are open 365/year…nights, weekends, and holidays
Willing to jump in and help where needed
Be a team player and… most importantly, want to learn all you can about dogs!

Join us as we grow, expand, and make life even better for all canines! This is an exciting time and the opportunities are endless!!!